Alumni Hall of Fame

Since 1889, the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester has been a place where our members have been able to play with their friends, swim, run around, and basically be a kid.  But more importantly, we have been a constant source of unconditional support, hope, strength, and promise for our kids and their futures.

We’re proud to host the Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony -- a night where we thank and honor some of our finest alumni. While our honorees hail from all walks of life and all different backgrounds, both professionally and personally, one thing remains the same for them all:  Without the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, they wouldn’t be the person they are today, and would not have achieved the same successes that they have.

If you know an alumni who has gone above and beyond in their support of the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, or who has made a significant impact on the community, consider nominating them for the Alumni Hall of Fame. It's a small way to say thank you for all they've done, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Nomination for the Alumni Hall of Fame

We are proud to reveal our latest additions to the Alumni Hall of Fame!