Shamus Fleming

Year of Induction: 

During the 1960s, the Lincoln Square Clubhouse was the fun place to go for Shamus and his best friend Ron Scott. “It was something I always looked forward to,” explained Shamus.

One of Shamus’ favorite Club memories was when the staff at the Boys Club dumped hundreds of minnows in the swimming pool and all of the kids (in their birthday suits—remember, it was the Boys Club back then!) were allowed to jump in and try to catch the fish.

Shamus credits the Club for introducing him to track & field and coaching. “The Club’s sports taught me about commitment and the importance of staying focused and having goals to achieve,” says Shamus. He also enjoyed swimming, attending Saturday movies, and “flipping” baseball cards with his friends at the Club.

A graduate of Assumption College, the commitment and focus he gained from the Club has served him well as the owner of Park Place Financial, an investment firm, and as the founding partner of Planet Tuition, a financial services agency that helps parents plan for their kids’ college tuition.

When not busy at work, Shamus enjoys golfing and supporting his favorite charities, including the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. In 2008, he served as the chairman of the Friends of Worcester Neighborhoods’ and Charter Communication’s golf tournament that benefited our Club. He also made a personal donation to support a group therapy program for our kids at our Plumley Village Clubhouse.

His giving nature and entrepreneurial spirit are why we honor Shamus Fleming.

Shamus Fleming