Alumni Experiences

Why should you join the Club? Listen to what some of our alumni have to say about their experiences at the Club.

"The Club helped me realize the true value of my life."

"It kept me out of trouble. It gave me a place to go so I wouldn't be out on the streets."

"It gave me a sense of belonging."

"They showed me that I am someone and life is worth living."

57% of alumni said the Club saved their life

75% of alumni are proud to be actively involved in their community

90% of our alumni have received a high school diploma or equivalent

33% of alumni are the first in their families to go to college

62% of our alumni became more committed to their education

28% admit that they would have dropped out of high school if it wasn't for the Club

78% of alumni attribute the staff at the Boys & Girls Club to helping their self-esteem development

67% of alumni admit that the influence of the Boys & Girls Club have helped them avoid difficulties with the law

67% of alumni thank the staff at the Boys & Girls Club for helping them discover their goals and aspirations