Our three Clubhouses are located in the most disadvantaged areas of the city, and we primarily target the resident kids for membership. One of our primary functions is to provide a safe space. Many Club kids face obstacles like poverty, language barriers, and lack of positive role models. They are more vulnerable to depression, and more likely to skip school due to feeling unsafe. Kids from the Club neighborhoods are more likely to join a gang, believing that it will keep them safe, or fall into substance abuse or early sexual activity as an escape. With most of our kids living in the heart of Worcester's gang territories, the Club must provide programs and examples that counter their experiences outside our walls.

By the Numbers

  • 90% of regular Academic Success program participants (twice a week or more) raise at least one grade by at least one letter. 
  • Virtually all Club kids advance to the next grade with their class.
  • 97% of our high school seniors graduate, on-time (100% the last five years).
  • At least 97% of our high school graduates go on to higher education (100% the last five years). The remaining three percent work full-time or join the military.
  • 92% of our high school graduates receive college scholarships for merit, need, or sports.
  • More than 94% of our kids report that they have a meaningful connection with a trusted adult at the Club.
  • 93% of the Club kids and families who access our therapeutic programs every year move from crisis to stability.