Project Learn: The Educational Enhancement Program

The educational program features five major components that utilize resources to help all Club members succeed in school. Formally evaluated by Columbia University, Project Learn has been proven to boost the academic performance of Club members. It is comprised of 5 components: homework help and tutoring; high-yield learning activities (writing activities, leisure reading, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others and games that sharpen cognitive skills); parental involvement; collaborations with schools; and incentives, recognition and goal setting.


Serving a disproportionately large percentage of impoverished minority and immigrant children, many of whom enter school with little or no experience with the formal English language challenges the public school system and taxes its resources. The demographic indicators in the city are far higher than the state average in Limited English proficiency, first language not English and low income. Additionally, low educational attainment is prevalent in the city’s adult population: nearly 25% of the population is not a high school graduate, nor have they attained its equivalency – and this percentage is even higher in the neighborhoods served by the Club. While there are a number of other youth programs that offer educational support in the city, 87% of our Club members do not receive services from any other youth-serving organization.

Research has shown that academic support in primary and middle school years can have a substantial effect on the learning pattern through a youth’s school years. At the Club, we have structured programs that provide out-of-school learning opportunities that are consistent with the development of skills and attitudes needed for success in school and in the community.