Basketball Program

The Basketball Program at the Boys & Girls Club promotes exercise and healthy lifestyles, and trains members on the rules and skills associated with basketball. They become more confident in their abilities through coaching, practice and a variety of opportunities available to Club members, including:

  • Skill-building clinics
  • Individual practices
  • In-house league games, and
  • Opportunities to join intramural and traveling teams that participate in regional tournaments

2021-2022 Programs

Afro Stars  Girls ages 13-16

Crossover Kings Boys ages 9-12

Members give back to the Club by becoming referees, coaches, or timers for games. Many Club members play basketball for their high schools, and some continue the sport in college. Over the past three years, 25 of our members have played basketball in college, while two of our players are currently receiving a full athletic scholarship in lieu of their talents.  From Clark University to McCook College in Nebraska, our members are going far because of their discipline, dedication and abilities.