Keystone Club

The Keystone Club is a leadership program open to members ages 14-18. With staff’s guidance, members are presented with opportunities to make leadership decisions, actively engage in academic and career experiences, and promote and participate in community service.

Members apply to become a part of this leadership club, and a committee, made up of club members, decides if the member has a desire to serve that is consistent with the club’s mission.  Members are selected to attend the annual Keystone Convention, where they get peer-to-peer mentoring, share creative ways to enhance the Club’s performance, and see other teens in action.

Members of the Club participate in fundraising, the results of which go toward a variety of Club and community initiatives.  One of several fundraisers this past year was a can drive for Thanksgiving.  Proceeds went toward Thanksgiving dinners, and were distributed to a local food pantry and residence program.

The Keystone Club also leads the job shadowing program, open to Boys & Girls Club members.  Participants visit local businesses, shadowing for a day, or part of it.  They get to see, first hand, what it’s like to have that particular job, and some of the responsibilities and benefits that go along with it.  Area businesses interested in connecting with our kids in this way are welcome to contact us for more information.