Power Hour and AVID

Proven Results

  • Of the hundreds of kids that participated in Power Hour…
  • Over 90% of members who came every week improved at least one full grade.
Monday-Thursday, 2:00-4:00 PM

Power Hour provides members with the support, resources and guidance necessary to complete their homework, and achieve academic success. In addition, Power Hour offers tutoring assistance for members who need extra help. The program operates on the belief that a child’s progress depends upon open communication between the program staff and parents. A homework help contract is signed by a child, parent or guardian, and the staff. The partnership of parents and staff members, enriched by caring volunteers, helps to foster learning and provides a support network for Club members enrolled in Power Hour. Many of the children attending the program consistently achieve grade level improvements as seen through their formal school assessments – test scores and report cards.

The Boys & Girls Club’s AVID program complements Power Hour by teaching members organizational skills, higher analytical/critical thinking and the Cornell note-taking technique. This approach is supported and facilitated by trained AVID tutors that assist the students by leading collaborative study groups. Tutors provide academic support and make a personal connection to the students, check notes and binders on a weekly basis, and provide access to the school curriculum through ongoing communication with the students’ teachers. To encourage participation, an incentive program rewards members who work hard, and show continued dedication to their academic success.