Mentoring Programs

The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester’s mission is to help youth develop the qualities they need to become responsible citizens & community leaders, through caring, professional staff who forge relationships with our youth members, and influence their ability to succeed in life.  Professional, full-time staff serve as mentors to our members on a daily basis. Whether working with them to improve their academic performance, teaching them new skills, or simply offering an ear, our staff is an important link in our members’ lives. 

Members often times view our staff as a part of their family, and many of our graduates return to the Club upon school breaks, before they even check in at home.  Twenty-eight year veteran staff member, Carlos Garcia has been a father figure to countless young people over the years.  His sincere heart for the kids can be best understood by the way our members, both past and present, relate to him.  Each year, Carlos receives over 40 Fathers Day cards!  Young people need caring adult role models and supporters in their lives.  At The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, our staff rises to meet our member’s needs.

Partnerships with local colleges and universities and Big Brothers Big Sisters are valuable connections that afford our Club the ability to pair over 120 members with dedicated mentors, who are matched according to a tried and true matching system.  Mentors meet with their matches weekly to receive consistent and fun support and encouragement.

Thanks to a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice, our Club has had the opportunity to recruit male minority mentors to become matched with a number of our members.  These trained mentors commit to a minimum of one year of mentoring, and assume the role of a friend, and mentor throughout the year.  Whether it be in-house or through other organizations, our Club makes caring and positive role models available to our youth, so they can have one more person in their lives encouraging them to BE GREAT.