Job Readiness Program

The Job Readiness Program primarily focuses on teen members at the Boys & Girls Club, and offers a valuable resource in their career path and planning. Our Club is a place where they can gain leadership skills that make them more employable in the workforce and better prepared to apply to and succeed in college. The job readiness program consists of:

  • Resume writing courses
  • Interview technique training
  • Workshops that address job application completion and dressing for success
  • Courses and activities with an emphasis on leadership and community service.

Each season the Boys & Girls Club selects members who have especially shown leadership, and offers them an opportunity to apply for a job at the Club. Over 40 members gained employment at the Club for our 2011 summer program, and a number of members continue to find employment here throughout the year. Thanks to job shadowing programs provided by Old Navy, and other companies, teen members have the opportunity to experience administrative and retail environments, and learn new skills. At Old Navy, members learn how to work a register, dress mannequins, fold clothes and organize deliveries, while learning the many skills that will someday make them GREAT employees.

From assistant program staff to certified life guards, members gain real-life experience, give back to the Club, mentor children, and oftentimes earn what is their first paycheck.