Michael Sweeney

Year of Induction: 

Michael Sweeney grew up in the Ionic Ave. Club, where he focused his attention on boxing. “I was there at a time when the boxing program was producing high-quality fighters. My admiration for these young kids was very high. I enjoyed training   alongside them.” Michael credits the boxing program for inspiring him to achieve his goals. The Club also had it’s funny moments, where life-long memories were made. “I remember watching my cousin, who is very tall, play basketball with work boots on. He was terrible at it. We laughed about it, the irony of being so tall, yet terrible at basketball.” 

Michael, who established Mint Green Planet, a company that  responsibly recycles old clothing, earmarks a portion of his profits to the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. “The Club gave me a sense of belonging, to not be judged and to be accepted for who you are.”

In addition to Mint Green Planet, Michael also currently operates Central Autoworks Inc., has an FAA rated Airframe & Power plant license, and is a father of four. In his free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles, painting cars and general automotive work.

Michael Sweeney