Stephen Roche

Sergeant, Worcester Police Department Gang Unit
Targeted Outreach
Year of Induction: 

Steve took full advantage of a variety of programs at the Lincoln Square Clubhouse. If he wasn't participating in a track event, you could find him in the pool. When he wanted to hang out, he would head to the games room, and enjoy a game of snaps or checkers. Steve shared, “The Club taught me how to get along with others who are different than me, and try new and different things.”

Steve recalled that at one point, some older kids at the Club came up to him, and asked him what size shirt he was. He told the boys that he didn't know, and so they asked if he could check. Little did Steve know, that when they looked down the back of his shirt, they would sprinkle itching powder down his back! Steve experienced not only the itching powder, but the kindness of his friend and fellow Club member, Dave Edmonds to his rescue.

Growing up in the projects, Steve witnessed a lot of good and bad choices being made. He saw the negative effects of people’s poor choices, and knew that he wanted to help. A police office for twenty-five years, and a member of the Gang Unit for thirteen, Steve still enjoys his time at the Club. He sees the Club as a great partner to the Worcester Police Department's Gang Unit, and appreciates having an opportunity to give back not only to the community, but to the Club that made a difference in his own life.

Stephen Roche