James Carmody

Worcester Police Department Gang Unit
Targeted Outreach
Year of Induction: 

Members of the Lincoln Square Clubhouse remember the inside track. Jim remembers it very well, as he used to use the track for activities other than running. Dedicating to finding a good spot to ride his big wheel, Jim would sneak into the Club, and ride it around the track until staff would enforce the rules, and ask him to bring the big wheel where is belonged, outside. Jim spent time with his brother Tom, in the games room and gym. He fondly remembers goofing off with his brother, who used to jokingly trip him up the stairs. The Club was “a place where I could be with my brother since he lived with my father, and I lived with my mother. It was a way we could connect.”

Jim decided to pursue criminal justice when he was a young boy, after having witnessed an elderly woman get mugged. Feeling bad for what the woman had just experienced, he wanted to do something to help. It was then that he decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and become a police officer. After attending Saint Peter Marion for high school, he went on to college, eventually earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Western New England College.

Dedicated to exercise and healthy living, Jim especially enjoys seeing the boxing and dance teams in action. His time at the Club reminds him of his own growth during his young years. “It’s good to see kids doing the right thing. I’m amazed at how the Club has really evolved.”

James Carmody