National Boys & Girls Club Week!

It’s National Boys & Girls Club Week and we are celebrating the resilience of Boys & Girls Clubs and the youth we serve. Although 2020 was challenging, Boys & Girls Clubs remain relentless in doing whatever it takes to ensure all kids stay on track and thrive towards a great future by providing safe places, academic support, and health & wellness programs. 

Monday, June 21

National Boys & Girls Club Week Day 1. Learning is fun! Today we are helping kids stay on track with reading, writing, and STEM activities such as wearable exoskeleton hands and tower building with spaghetti and marshmallows

Tuesday, June 22

Day 2 of National Boys & Girls Club Week- we are doing whatever it takes to mentor tomorrow’s leaders. We are celebrating our 2021 seniors, including our Youth of the Year Tyra Jenkins, providing job ready & babysitting courses and mentorship

Wednesday, June 23

Day 3 of National Boys & Girls Club Week with Health & Wellness Wednesday! You’ll find our members in the gym, on the track & field or enjoying free swim instruction in the pool!

Thursday, June 24

Day 4 of National Boys & Girls Club Week. Whatever it takes to be Resilient! Our youth are learning about hydroponic gardens to create sustainable food sources, using art to empower and constantly learning new things!

Friday, June 25

National Boys & Girls Club Week day 5! We are ending the week by wearing blue to celebrate!

Publication Date: 
June 21, 2021