#doyouknowaboutus Campaign

#doyouknowaboutus has one main objective; to expose the problems facing our impoverished young people and what our Club has been doing to counteract them. Not all youth development organizations are the same, and not all offer the same services. Our Club is unique. We charge only $25 for an annual membership. That’s it. We are not fee-for-service. If our kids can’t afford the membership, we scholarship them in. We have never and will never turn a child away. We are the only youth development organization in Worcester that serves kids ages 8-18, Monday– Friday, 2:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. We are open late to keep our kids engaged and off the street. We serve dinner 5 nights a week to combat the hunger rate in Worcester (which is 1 child in 4). We are here for our kids because every child, no matter their economic capabilities, deserves a fun and carefree childhood. We all know someone who attended the Club; they are congressmen, city managers, police chiefs, actors, world champion boxers, teachers, coaches, etc. Our facts speak for themselves. Do you know we serve 6,000 youth a year, and that 92% of our kids aren’t receiving services from any other agency? That’s 5,520     children in Worcester who would be unserved  without our Club. Join our cause and share #doyouknowaboutus. The more people we reach, the more lives we will save.

Publication Date: 
June 28, 2017