Amazon's 4-star store and the Familias team up to prevent future tragedies

Amazon's 4-star store donated $10,000 to the Manny 267 Foundation and a $10,000 donation also went the to the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester, which is establishing The Officer Familia swim fund and using the money for free swimming lessons and lifeguard training.

“The importance of swimming is so great, because for example, one out of three kids are at risk of drowning, if they do not learn how to swim," said Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Liz Hamilton. "Youth of color are three times more likely to drown, because they don’t always have the resources or opportunities for swim lessons."

Hamilton said the support is going to help save lives. Meanwhile, the Familias said they were grateful for the community's continued support.

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Publication Date: 
December 19, 2021