Bank of America to Guide our Teens and Parents Through the Banking World

We are excited to partner with Bank of America to provide our teens and parents with financial literacy workshops this November. This will be the second round of financial literacy trainings provided by Bank of America employees, the first in 2017, when they began with our kids in School Aged Child care, teaching them all about money, saving and what it means to buy something.

This time, they are assisting our teens and parents. Since many of our teens are currently employed either at our facility or a local organization, being educated in opening a checking/savings account, interest rates, loans etc. is extremely important. Likewise, our parents will benefit from the same guidance when Bank of America hosts a second workshop just for them, so they also understand the best ways of navigating the banking world. Thank you to Bank of America for the opportunity to provide our families with such invaluable information, and we are extremely grateful for the banking employees who taught our teens and parents first-hand.

Publication Date: 
October 17, 2018