A Simple Way to Support Our Club!

We all spend money on cell phones, cable, and electricity, so why not support the Boys & Girls Club at the same time? ACN is the largest direct-selling telecommunications company in the world, providing customers with the telecommunications and home services they need and use every day. By becoming an ACN customer, you will receive the same services you're using today, while helping the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. This program requires no additional out-of-pocket expense-it's a simple redirect of money you're already spending for services you need and use everyday.

How does this help the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester?

You're buying these services anyway, and when you buy them from ACN, the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester will receive a percentage of your monthly bill. Our team number is 60300.

ACN Link.

Questions? Please contact Dianne Langford James at (617) 650-7203 or dljsvp@acninc.com.

* The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester is not affiliated with ACN. A portion of the proceeds benefit our Club.

Publication Date: 
May 28, 2013