Special Event Committee Members

The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester hosts several special events and fundraisers each year.  While each event is unique and requires different types of volunteer activity and support, all our events have one goal, and that is to benefit our Club and more importantly, our kids.

Events Requiring Volunteers Include:

  • Alumni Hall of Fame
  • Heroes Day
  • Annual Meeting and Commencement Ceremony
  • Arts in the Afternoon
  • Holiday Parties

Event committee members are needed to help:

  • Secure event sponsorships
  • Recruit individuals and organizations to offer support
  • Market the event and encourage attendance
  • Secure prizes and awards
  • Organize snacks and refreshments
  • Plan and assist with decorating and signage
  • Secure program advertisement sponsors
  • Set up/Clean up
  • Check guests in and distribute programs
  • Provide photography or video services