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Join the Club

Why should you join the Club? Listen to what some of our alumni have to say about their experiences at the Club.

"The Club helped me realize the true value of my life."

"It kept me out of trouble. It gave me a place to go so I wouldn't be out on the streets."

"It gave me a sense of belonging."

"They showed me that I am someone and life is worth living."

  • 57% of alumni said the Club saved their life
  • 75% of alumni are proud to be actively involved in their community
  • 90% of our alumni have received a high school diploma or equivalent
  • 33% of alumni are the first in their families to go to college
  • 62% of our alumni became more committed to their education
  • 28% admit that they would have dropped out of high school if it wasn't for the Club
  • 78% of alumni attribute the staff at the Boys & Girls Club to helping their self-esteem development
  • 67% of alumni admit that the influence of the Boys & Girls Club have helped them avoid difficulties with the law
  • 67% of alumni thank the staff at the Boys & Girls Club for helping them discover their goals and aspirations


The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester believes in hope and opportunity for all young people, and is dedicated to serving underprivileged children within the Worcester community. To ensure that all youth are reached, membership costs just $25 per year. Programs are open to children ages 8–18, and include both school-year and summer programs. A minimal fee is charged on a weekly basis for full-day summer programming.

Orientation attendance is a requirement for new members, and must take place prior to membership activation. Children ages 8-14 are required to have a parent or guardian accompany them to the orientation. Children ages 15-18 may attend without a parent or guardian. Please contact our front desk at (508) 754-2686 to learn more about upcoming orientations, and schedule a time to meet.

Returning members are not required to attend an orientation, but are required to fill out a membership application form to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date. They are charged the $25 annual fee on a yearly basis.

Once the membership application process is complete, new members receive their membership cards. Members are required to carry their membership cards with them at all times, and are asked to present their cards upon arrival to the Club. Membership cards are required to participate in Club programs, or to check out game equipment. Any member who has lost his or her card can replace it in for a fee.


To support the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester and all of the programs we offer, please make a secure online donation.