Come Join Our Girls-Only Programs!

As one of the largest youth-serving agencies in Central Mass, it is our duty to provide our girls, who make up over half of our member base, with productive, gender-specific programming. With the help of generous donors, such as Women’s Initiative at United Way of Central Massachusetts, we have created diverse, therapeutic and leadership-driven programs using proven best practices, that have made an impact on our girls.

Girls Chat- Once a week, our case management department hosts Girls Chat; a therapeutic, gender-specific program that uses small group interactions, role playing, and self-calming exercises to provide our girls with a safe environment where they feel comfortable expressing their feelings and concerns.

Keystone Club, Torch Club and Girls Voice- We instill community involvement and the importance of giving back into our programs, most noticeably in our nationwide Boys & Girls Club of America leadership groups, Torch and Keystone Clubs. Both clubs are compiled of female Club members, ages 10-13 for Torch Club and ages 14-18 for Keystone Club. Activities include advocating at youth rallies, volunteering around the Club and in the community, creating care packages for veterans and hosting staff appreciation events. All leaderships groups are member-run, with all decisions made by Club members.

Girls Gym- In accordance with the national program, Triple Play, once a week, for one hour girls-only gym sessions provide our female members with the freedom to explore their athleticism, work together on teams, and choose their own activities. Our athletic director requires the girls to choose different activities than their friends so they develop a sense of independence and experience playing outside their familiar circle.

InDaZone- Shauree Allotey, our longtime dance director, oversees InDaZone and their accompanying leadership group. InDaZone is compiled of three dance teams, separated by age. Our teens participate in the IDZ leadership club and coordinate parties for Club members, community cleanups, and bake sales to raise money for programs. 

Publication Date: 
September 28, 2018