Healthy Habits

According the CDC’s 2010 State Indicator Report, one reason why children are not getting enough exercise is that there is ”no safe and appealing place, in many communities, to play or be active.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester’s Athletic & Healthy Habits programming… one more way our kids can stay safe, get fit, and BE GREAT.

The Boys & Girls Club of Worcester believes in the importance of fun in the lives of children and their right to a happy, joyful childhood. Athletic programming at the Club aims to develop fitness and overall health, skills for stress management, social skills, and life-long healthy habits. The Club offers instructional programs, seasonal sports leagues, traveling sports teams, swimming lessons, boxing, weight training, and a variety of special events and field trips.

To support our Healthy Habits program, as well as all the programs we offer here at the Club, please make a secure online donation.